The following Frequently Asked Questions with detailed information help to understand and appreciate our efforts to provide quality care and growth opportunities for your children:
  • What age group children do you take?
  • What are the documents / certificates are required for child admission?
  • How do you ensure safety of children in the premises?
  • Do you serve food given by us?
  • What are the credentials of the management?
  • Are emergency procedures in place?
  • Do you permit us to collect the child late?
  • Do you provide extra diapers if required?
  • What is the Space per Child ration of the classrooms?
  • What is the Teachers per Child ratio in the center?
  • What is the Aaya (Care taker) per Child ratio at KinderKare?
  • What are outdoor amenities available for children at KinderKare?
  • Does the center have a structured curriculum for the entire year?
  • What the frequency of Communication/interaction between the parents and staff?
  • Do teachers interact with children while eating, playing etc?
  • What are the factors to be considered to look at childcare center?
Kinder Kare FAQ's